[Coral-List] Copenhagen flop revisited

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 26 13:02:33 EDT 2009

With all due respect, the low temperatures 
in the Florida Keys reflects only a short term 
weather pattern and  we are talking climate 
change here,not day to day weather patterns.
No model has ever indicated that increases in CO2 would
totally eliminate cold temperatures;
there are always going to be short term fluctuations, 
but you know that.

I do agree that attitudes are changing,
but determining the root cause is another story.
Could it be that the AGW skeptics are pouring their 
resources into the public relations battle more effectively
than the majority of climate scientists? Could other factors 
such as economic frailty & international conflicts be causing 
this issue to drop in priority? 
Whatever the reasons, I find the latest Pew Center poll
results to be of concern.

As far as PlantsNeedCO2.org goes. . .
here is a good analysis of their main position:


By the way, as I understand it  H. Leighton Steward 
is the spokesman for Plants Need CO2 and the registrant
of their website. According to its corporate certificate
of formation, Steward is a director at EOG Resources,
an oil and gas company formerly known as Enron Oil
and Gas Company. Steward also serves as an honorary 
director of the American Petroleum Institute.   

Now, that does not exempt him from the debate,
but it may raise a few questions.

Thanks for the advice regarding thicker wetsuits,
but that’s more related to my aging and lack of body fat.


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