[Coral-List] Land & Sea Research Seminar and Leadership Conference Nov 16th 2009

Christine Settar CSettar at uvi.edu
Tue Oct 27 14:09:02 EDT 2009

		November 16 EPA CARE “Land & Sea” Research Seminar and 
				Leadership Conference

Highlights the most comprehensive sedimentation studies in the Virgin Islands Territory and methods to reduce environmental degradation from stormwater runoff.

The Watersheds, Wetlands and Bays of the Virgin Islands:
The Recent Depositional History and Sedimentary Framework for Understanding Land Use Impacts to Coastal Environments on St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix.
Applying the Lessons for Resource Management

Sponsored by the Coral Bay Community Council & VI-EPSCoR
November 16, 2009  
8:30am – 3pm
UVI ACC Conference Room, St. Thomas

Partners:  Coral Bay Community Council, VI-EPSCoR, Eckerd College,
Island Green Building Association of St. John, Virgin Islands Marine Advisory Service

8:30 - Registration, Welcome and Introduction:  Sharon Coldren, Kim Waddell, Ph.D.
Seminar Presentation Profiles:  
8:45 -  Barry Devine. Ph.D.; Coral Bay Community Council Virgin Islands Inventory of Watersheds, Wetlands and Riparian Systems,
        Integrating Land Use and Ocean Health 
9:15 -  Gregg Brooks, Ph.D. and Rebekka Larson; Recent Depositional History and Sedimentary Framework for the Bays and Wetlands
        of the Virgin Islands 
10:15 - Sarah Gray, University of San Diego; Potential Impacts of Development on Sediment Flux and Composition of Mangroves,
        Bays and Reefs, St. John 
10:35 - Marcia Taylor and Tyler Smith, Ph.D., UVI; The Virgin Islands NOAA/ARRA Stormwater and Monitoring Project
11:00 - Joseph Mina, P.E.  Coral Bay Community CouncilApplying Science: Best Stormwater Management Practices and Regulatory
11:45 - noon - IGBA St. John, President;  Island Green Building Practices and Green Building Certification

Noon - 1 pm - Lunch provided

EPA CARE – Community Action for a Renewed Environment grant,The Coral Bay Community Council’s Leadership Conference
to discuss the Coral Bay Watershed Management Project, partner activities and focus attention on improvements in land use development to reduce environmental degradation:
 1:00 -  Introduction and overview of the EPA-CARE (Community Action for a Renewed Environment) activities being done in Coral
         Bay to reduce environmental toxics
 1:15 -  Water Quality research and turbidity testing, Dr. Barry Devine, Research Coordinator
 1:30 -  Review of Coral Bay Watershed Management Plan Objectives Progress by all partners
 2:00 -  Review of stormwater regulations rollout – Syed Syedalli
 2:15 -  Discussion among Decision-makers/Partners, Next Steps:
         Role of laws, regulations, enforcement. Role of land-use planning,
         Role of public infrastructure, water resources planning
       	 What can be accomplished?  When?
 3:00 -  Adjournment

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