[Coral-List] Global Warming

MelissaE Keyes melissae.keyes at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 29 11:08:44 EDT 2009

 Hello, Listers,

Perhaps the term "Global Warming" should be retired, partly because the majority of the Public disbelieves this "theory".  A better term would be "Climate Change"  Everyone agrees it's getting dryer, wetter, colder or whatever their local weather is today and yesterday.  But if they're under yesterday's heavy snows in the Western US, they might not want to listen to anyone saying Warming is the cause.  

I read a small news article that the world's major rice crops might fail this year because of drought, in Australia, India, and Texas. 

Yes, Warming is the cause, but why fight Public Opinion?

And let's see some photos of what's left of the North Pole.  Santa was seen at a yacht dealership last week.


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