[Coral-List] Public perceptions about climate change

Tim Wijgerde t.wijgerde at coralscience.org
Thu Oct 29 15:11:29 EDT 2009

Dear all,

as a supplement to all the discussions over the last
days, I would like to include this little piece of information:

The current denial of scientific evidence is appalling, even amongst
people with marine aquaria and a love for the world's coral reefs. Have a
short look at this internet forum, where eminent biologists such as
Charlie Veron are mistrusted and CO2-evidence is discarded with ease:


This is just one of the many examples. People around the world are
tugged into two directions by the popular media, no wonder there is
controversy. About 50% of all popular-scientific articles questions GW, in
contrast to real scientific literature. 

We need more articles
out there, written or at least proof-read by scientists such as
yourselves. These can be published on popular-scientific websites,
internet fora and hobbyist magazines. I cannot mention these as it would
be (somewhat) commercial, but a quick search will get you there. 

I know it's not Nature or Science, but do not underestimate the exposure
you can get with the average website or magazine. This often exceeds that
of the average scientific journal (sadly).



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