[Coral-List] Vacancy Announcement: Coastal Watershed GIS Specialist

Chris Jeffrey chris.jeffrey at noaa.gov
Thu Sep 10 11:42:42 EDT 2009

*Vacancy Announcement*: Coastal Watershed GIS Specialist 
*Educational Level*: Masters Degree or equivalent experience
*Location*: Silver Spring, Maryland
*Agency*: NOAA's Center for Coastal Monitoring & Assessment
*Start Date*: Immediate

*This is not a federal position.  The successful candidate will work 
full-time under a Consolidated Safety Services, Inc. (CSS) contract. The 
candidate will be hired for the NOAA office in Silver Spring, MD.
A person with a degree in biological and/or physical sciences, with 
demonstrated experience in marine biology and ecology is being sought 
for a full-time contract position with the National Oceanic and 
Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Center for Coastal Monitoring and 
Assessment (CCMA).  CCMA is developing interdisciplinary methods for 
assessing the impacts of land based sources of pollution on coral reef 
ecosystems.  The successful candidate will contribute to CCMA research 
that defines conservation and management options for watersheds and 
associated coastal ecosystems and will have the following core 

- Provide GIS and modeling support to projects assessing the impacts of 
land-based sources of pollution on coral reef ecosystems.
- Compile, develop, maintain and distribute spatial data for the 
creation of watershed characterizations and/or management plans.
- Coordinate efforts across multidisciplinary, team-oriented research 
and management groups.

*Essential Requirements:*
- M.S. or equivalent experience in Environmental Science, Hydrology, 
Landscape Ecology, Spatial Ecology, Environmental Engineering, 
Geography, Biology or a related field

- Strong experience in Geographic Information Systems, especially ArcGIS

- Experience in the development and/or application of watershed or water 
quality models (e.g. SWAT, HSPF, BASINS, AnnAGNPS, etc.)

- Ability to organize and maintain large amounts of spatial and tabular 
data for both terrestrial and marine ecosystems

- Excellent written and oral communication skills to communicate with 
diverse audiences, especially through technical reports, peer-reviewed 
publications and scientific conferences

*Preferred Qualifications:*
- Relevant work experience in spatial hydrologic modeling.

- Experience conducting water quality field assessments to characterize 
pollution sources and/or validate water resource models.

- Experience working in watersheds with diverse land uses (e.g., 
agricultural, urban, or forested) in coastal watersheds adjacent to 
coral reef ecosystems.

- Knowledge of experimental sampling design.

- Past participation in the creation of regional and/or local watershed 
management plans.

- Experience in writing proposals for funding.

- Programming experience (e.g., Python and VB in water related fields.

- Familiarity with interactive mapping technologies,  - GoogleMaps, 
ArcGIS Server, etc.

- Ability to manage large datasets in relational databases or data 
management systems.

- Experience in using remote sensing software applications, (e.g., ENVI, 
ERDAS and/or PCI) to process and extract relevant watershed information 
from satellite imagery and aerial photography.

- Familiarity with the ecology of coral reef ecosystems.

CSS, Inc.'s benefits for full-time employees includes Medical/Dental 
Insurance, Disability and Life Insurance, 401K, and Employee Stock 
Ownership Plans (ESOPs).

*To Apply:*
Please email resume and salary requirements to 
spjobs at consolidatedsafety.com by September 25, 2009. Please include the 
words "Coastal Watershed GIS Specialist" in the subject line of your 
email application.

Applications can also be submitted online at 

Chris Jeffrey (CJ)

Christopher F.G. Jeffrey, Ph.D
Marine Ecologist (Biogeography Branch)

On-Site Contract Manager (Consolidated Safety Services, Inc.)

Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment
National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science

Mailing Address:
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Ocean Service
1305 East-West Hwy, SSMC-4, N/SCI-1, #9213
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3281

301.713.3028 x-134 (Tel)
301.713.4384 (Fax)



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