[Coral-List] September Spawning Report for Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Anastazia Banaszak banaszak at cmarl.unam.mx
Mon Sep 14 14:53:11 EDT 2009

Hi to all,

Glad to report that september was a good spawning month for some species.


Acropora palmata:

September 6-9: No spawning observed.
September 10: 1 out of 10 monitored colonies spawned minimally at 22:15h.

Montastraea faveolata:

September 9: A small number of colonies spawned moderately starting at
22:30h to 23:00h.
September 10: A huge number of colonies (approx 80%) spawned massively
starting at 22:25h and ending at about 23:15h. Snorkellers were literally
swimming through bundle slicks during the spawning event.

Diploria strigosa:

September 6-9: No spawning observed.
September 10: Colonies spawned massively starting at 22:20h and still
going at 23:00h. Bundle setting observed from 21:45h.

Dr. Anastazia T. Banaszak
Unidad Académica Puerto Morelos
Instituto de Ciencias del Mar y Limnología
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Prol. Av. Niños Héroes S/N Dom. Con.
Puerto Morelos QR 77580 Mexico
Tel: +52 (998) 871 0219 Ext 155
Cel: +521 (998) 845 4635

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