[Coral-List] Deadline for submitting comments on 82 corals

Jessica Craft Jcraft at coastalplanning.net
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I don't understand this seemingly personal attack against Sarah and others.  Please review Alina's last posting.  These people are following protocol dictated by law which now includes obtaining data or your "two cents". This is the point at which, if you disagree with a proposed listing, you may now provide scientific data which may lead to the conclusion of not listing a certain species.  The statement of "Who wants to waste their two cents?" seems completely ignorant to me.  It appears that some folks may want to protest this petition but, when presented with a means to do so, also protest the offer of hearing your side.  We don't want to waste our "two cents" by providing meaningful data, but do want to waste other's time with meaningless complaints and badgering? My understanding is that this is not a forum for presenting your political opinions, but to share scientific data.  Has this changed?

Jessica Craft
Boca Raton, FL

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Sarah the ending of your post "To provide your two cents on the 
information requested in the 90-day
finding for any of the 82 species:
is not very encouraging. Who wants to waste their 2 cents? Gene


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