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Thu Apr 8 06:26:24 EDT 2010

The latest issue of Seagrass-Watch news (the official magazine of the global
seagrass and assessment program) is now available online at


Both low and high resolution versions of the magazine are available. Please
note that the high resolution version is 6.59Mb.

Since seagrasses evolved back into the sea approximately 100 million years
ago, they have adapted to a wide range of tolerances across the marine
environments, including the extremes resulting from climate. However, over
the last century or so, seagrasses have had to cope with a changing climate
occurring at an unprecedented rate.  These climate extremes include elevated
temperatures, physical disturbance from storms, salinity extremes,
sedimentation and light deprivation from terrestrial runoff to name a few.
In this issue of Seagrass-Watch News we present the latest findings from the
Seagrass-Watch temperature monitoring and findings from seagrass monitoring
where climate appears to be the most significant driver of change. 

In this issue you can read about the impacts of Cyclone Ului on the
intertidal seagrasses of the Mackay Whitsunday region in Australia, and how
climate influences the seagrass and drift algae of Patos Lagoon in southern
Brazil. You can also read how over the last 40 years, climate driven cycles
have influenced tropical seagrass succession at Cockle Bay in Townsville.

You'll find articles on the return of Lyngbya to Roebuck Bay (Western
Australia), the results of a survey in Pangandaran Sanctuary (Indonesia),
and a reassessment of seagrass resources in the Seribu Islands National Park

You can also read about how some dedicated volunteers monitored their
seagrasses at night, observing UFOs among other things. You can even learn
about Sea Hares.


Happy Reading




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