[Coral-List] Lyngbya bloom, boynton beach Florida

Kevin Metz kevin at diveboyntonbeach.com
Sat Apr 10 15:49:57 EDT 2010

Hello coral listers!

Long time reader, new poster... Thank you for the resource.

I am a conservation minded dive operater in south Florida, on the  
Atlantic side just south of Palm Beach.
We have been experiencing intermittent lyngbaya blooms on our reefs  
for at least seven years (that's how long I've been here). The blooms  
were at first attributed to a sewage outfall south of here that was  
shut down after a great deal of hard work by Ed Tichenor, but last  
fall and winter the bloom has returned with a vengance.

The bacteria is decimating all of the gorgonians and sea fans, and  
even has begun to spread to some varieties of sponges.

If anyone has students that are looking for a subject for independent  
study, I would like to offer our boat, personnel  and equipment free  
of charge. I am Grateful for any help we can get!

Kevin Metz
561 577-3326
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