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Pacyna, Sarah spacyna at wcs.org
Wed Apr 21 17:27:37 EDT 2010

The Wildlife Conservation Society's (WCS) Global Marine Program wishes
everyone a Happy Earth Day!  


We would like to share with interested parties a reflection written by
Dr. Archie Carr III, Senior Conservationist, on Belize's barrier reefs,
atolls, and marine wildlife.  WCS has been working on conservation
issues in Belize for decades: our staff were instrumental in developing
Belize's first marine protected area, the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, while
our research and advocacy work helped designate Glover's Reef Marine
Reserve, which includes the largest of Belize's no-take reserve zones
and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  We established the Glover's Reef
Marine Research Station in 1993 to ensure the long-term protection of
one of the Caribbean's most diverse and intact reefs.  While Belize
still faces threats of overfishing, insufficient enforcement, and
intensive coastal development, all of which are exacerbated by the
reliance on coastal resources for livelihoods, Dr. Carr III inspires us
with a story of hope and in believing in Nature!


To read this reflection, please visit:
<http://earthday.net/files/RarestPlace.pdf>  or


To learn more about the Wildlife Conservation Society, please visit
http://www.wcs.org <http://www.wcs.org/> . 


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