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HI all

In response to the request for information about the Broward County cyanobacterial blooms, here is a list of recent publications on Florida cyanobacteria research from Valerie Paul's lab including those from her recent post-docs. Dr. Paul also has many publications (not listed here) on cyanobacteria from Guam and on novel natural products isolated from cyanobacteria. Cheers, Raphael

1.       Arthur, K.E., V. J. Paul, H. W. Paerl, J. M. O'Neil, J. Joyner, T. Meickle. 2009.  Effects of nutrient enrichment of the cyanobacterium Lyngbya sp. on growth, secondary metabolite concentration and feeding by the specialist grazer Stylocheilus striatus.  Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 394: 101-110.

2.       Sharp, K., K.E. Arthur, L. Gu, C. Ross, G. Harrison, S.P. Gunasekera, T. Meickle, S. Matthew, H. Luesch, R.W. Thacker, D.H. Sherman, and V.J. Paul. 2009. Phylogenetic and chemical diversity of three chemotypes of bloom-forming Lyngbya (Cyanobacteria: Oscillatoriales) from reefs of Southeastern Florida. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 75: 2879-2888.

3.       Paerl, H.W., J.A. Joyner, A.R. Joyner, K.E. Arthur, V.J. Paul, J.M.. O'Neil, and C.A. Heil. 2008. Co-occurrence of dinoflagellate and cyanobacterial harmful algal blooms in southwest Florida coastal waters: dual nutrient (N and P) input controls.  Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 371: 143-153.

4.       Capper, A. And V.J. Paul. 2008. Grazer interactions with four species of Lyngbya in southeast Florida. Harmful Algae 7: 717-728.

5.       Paul, V.J., K. E. Arthur, R. Ritson-Williams, C. Ross, and K. Sharp. 2007. Chemical defenses: from compounds to communities. Biol. Bull. 213: 226-251.

6.       Paul, V.J., R. Thacker, K. Banks, and S. Golubic. 2005.  Benthic cyanobacterial bloom impacts the reefs of South Florida (Broward County, USA).  Coral Reefs 24: 693-697.

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