[Coral-List] Freedom of Speech : Lack of True Facts NOAA Report

James Cervino PhD. jcervino at whoi.edu
Sun Aug 8 07:54:46 EDT 2010

Here is a Great Washington Post Article:

Did NOAA ignore or not mention the oil in the water column and on the bottom?
Not one marine health biologist, marine biochemist, pathologist, or ecologist
was mentioned in the New York Times Report. This is a misrepresentation of the
facts.  " I guess the sky is not falling"!

Michael Wrote: A few folks (including me) have been speaking out against the
status report. Here's a good Washington Post article that takes a very
skeptical view of the report:




Dr Goreau wrote: They're saying it's disappeared, gone, evaporated, bugs ate it 
up, "nobody" knows "where" it is! But of course the "missing" oil is just
floating dispersed in the water column (killing the larval fish and plankton)
and on the bottom, killing the shrimp and the benthos. 40 years after the
Buzzard's Bay oil spill every strong storm mixes up oil buried in sediments and
causes new invertebrate mass mortalities.

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