[Coral-List] Mesophotic coral ecosystems

vassil zlatarski vzlatarski at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 9 20:51:32 EDT 2010

Dear colleagues,

The theme section of the recent Coral Reefs (29,2) was timely dedicated to the mesophotic coral ecosystems (MCEs).  Following the first gathering of international scientists on MCEs in 2008, more than fifty specialists review and discuss in ten papers the characterization, ecology and management of MCEs.  It is offered a lot and well presented valuable information.  I remains inexplicable, however, why the analysis is deficient in  knowledge about scleractinians in MCSs of Mexico and Cuba. As result, there are not only two considerable blank spots in Caribbean picture, but also are ignored data necessary for needed hotspot conservation initiatives.  Both areas are massively sampled and documented, and the data about MCSs follow immediately the data concerning euphotic zone.

Please note that the purpose of this post is purely constructive.  I will be glad to share ideas and to provide literature, bibliographical data and collection information.  Now is ready for publication a Spanish version of the book on Cuban scleractinians with updated species names list.


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