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     Have you thought of looking at the website for this journal?   Journals 
all have websites, and you can purchase any article from their website. 
Further, for some journals, all articles older than a few years are 
available on their website for free (for example, Marine Ecology Progress 
Series).  If not, and you don't want to buy the article, ask the author for 
a free pdf copy of the article, authors are eager to promote their articles. 
The journal website will have the abstract available for free, and may have 
the author's email listed.  If not, take a look at your copy of the 
membership directory for the International Society of Reef Studies which you 
get free with your subscription to the journal Coral Reefs.  If you don't 
subscribe, consider doing so, it is only US$95 a year, the cheapest journal 
of all (some others cost $2000 a year or more) and it is 100% coral reef 
articles while all other journals only have scattered coral reef articles, 
plus in the year when ICRS is held the registration cost for members is 
reduced by US$95 so in effect you get the journal for free that year if you 
go to the most important of all coral reef meetings.  It's a great deal, 
subscribe!  If you still aren't a member, ask your friends if they are and 
you can use their copy of the membership directory.  If you don't have any 
friends who are members, do a web search on the author's name and see if you 
can get their email address.  Oh, and just try a search on Google scholar 
for the article, and look in ReefBase (www.reefbase.org).  ReefBase has many 
thousands of articles in their literature section.
     Doug Fenner

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Dear all,

Does anyone have the pdf of the following paper?

McMillan, J., Yellowlees, D, Heyward, A, Harrison, P. &Miller, D. J. 1988
Preparation of high molecular weight DNA from hermatypic corals and its use
for DNA hybridization and cloning. Mar. Biol. 98, 271^276.

Thank you very much.

All the best,



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