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I will add that the Association of Marine Laboratories of the Caribbean (AMLC) recently completed the on-line posting of all its meeting Proceedings published since its founding in 1957.  In some cases only a single hard copy was found to enable preservation of this information -- not quite a "treasurre trove," but useful and interesting nevertheless.  The web site URL = 



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>I'd like to add that once you subscribe to Coral Reefs, you get online access to every issue and article they have ever published at no extra charge, a treasure trove.  What a deal.
>Some free access to journals:
>Atoll Research Bulletin has all issues online open access, for free.
>Marine Ecology Progress series - older issues online free
>Bulletin of Marine science - older issues online free
>Pacific Science - issues 2000 and earlier free online
>Biological Bulletin - older issues online free
>Dave Lawrence correctly points out that the older the article, the less likely it is you can find the email of the author.  He points out some journals now charge $30 or more an article.
>NASA recently announced that the 12 months ending April, 2010, are the hightest global temperature ever recorded since accurate recording began in 1880.  The area of Arctic sea ice has decreased the last couple years, and both the area and the total volume of sea ice have continuing downward trends.  Total volumes of ice in Greenland and Antarctica both have a downward trend over the last few decades, and the rate of decrease is getting faster.  Sophisticated computer models predict just the increase in global temperature observed, but only if human effects are included, if only natural effects are included it predicts cooling.  Rates of CO2 production are as high as the highest projections for business as usual, except for a small decrease this year due to the recession.  75% of Americans in a recent poll now say that global warming is real and humans are the major cause.
>For more information see:  Hoegh-Guldberg & Bruno.  2010.  The impact of climate change on the world's marine Ecosystems.  Science 328: 1523
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