[Coral-List] 3. shark tagging supplies (tadzio Bervoets)

Rachel T. Graham rgraham at wcs.org
Wed Aug 18 13:15:01 EDT 2010

Hi Tadzio,

Great to hear that you are gearing up to study sharks in St Maartens. There
are several tag manufacturers that can help you with customized tags for
deployment on larges shark species. I suggest either Floy (out of Seattle)
or Hallprint (out of New Zealand). We have used the Hallprint nylon
spaghetti style tags for our shark and fish tagging and they have worked
well over the years. The tag can be printed with local information and
numbers so that the study is site specific. In Belize, where we conduct a
shark program, local fishers catching tagged fish return the tags with the
information on recapture location and date which so far has given us
insights into the fishery, time at liberty, shark/fish movements etc.

I strongly suggest that as part of the tagging process, you also urge
fishers/guides or your team to take as much information on the sharks
captured as possible (location, date, habitat, fishing gear used,
measurements - total/precaudal lengths etc) including small finclip/tissue
samples stored in ethanol for future DNA population analyses.

Let me know if I can be of additional help and/or you want more information
on tag types, deployment and research methods as well as working with local
fishers and guides as this has formed the basis for much of our shark work
in Belize.



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