[Coral-List] Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning Session S75: 2011 ASLO Meeting, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Nasseer Idrisi nidrisi at uvi.edu
Wed Aug 25 08:56:02 EDT 2010

Dear Coral-listers:
We would like to bring to your attention the following special session at
the ASLO Meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico to take place next year, February
13th­18th, 2011.

S75: Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning: Current Needs and Future

Conveners:  Nasseer Idrisi, University of the Virgin Islands,
nidrisi at uvi.edu; Simon Pittman, NOAA Center for Coastal Monitoring and
Assessment, simon.pittman at noaa.gov and Zdenka Willis, NOAA IOOS Program,
zdenka.s.willis at noaa.gov

Session Description
The goal of this session is to explore the means of integrating the
necessary scientific, management, and policy requirements to assist
representatives from various global regions in the utilization of Coastal
and Marine Spatial Planning (CMSP) as a tool for the protection,
maintenance, and restoration of the oceans, coasts and major aquatic systems
and for assuring sustainable usages for humankind¹s health and welfare
within their ecosystems. Within the US Integrated Ocean Observing System
(IOOS) Regional Associations, for example, this planning is to be
implemented by federal, state, and tribal experts and authorities within
each regional association. After certification by the National Ocean
Council, CMSP will thereafter provide the criteria for evaluating proposed
activities within regional ecosystems.  Since CMSP is data-driven and
ecosystem-based, this session is expected to assemble marine and coastal
ecologists, ocean observing scientists, natural resource managers and
policy- makers to identify current needs, best practices and persistent
challenges in CSMP. In the US, IOOS RAs have taken an active role in driving
the CMSP concept. Invited presenters will define the background and
framework for the discussion with additional speakers providing geographic,
scientific and organizational diversity to the session.

Submit your abstract for oral or poster presentation by midnight (23:59 US
CDT) 11th October, 2010 to:


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