[Coral-List] Have branching acroporids returned after 97'-98' mass bleaching?

Keryea Soong keryea at mail.nsysu.edu.tw
Mon Aug 30 07:46:29 EDT 2010

Dear coral listers:

Could you tell me if branching acroporids in the reefs you visited returned 
since the 97'-98' bleaching event.

In Dongsha Atoll, or the atoll around Pratas Island (20 40' N, 116 50' E) sw 
of Taiwan, the branching acropora has yet to return either in the lagoon or 
the reef flats. They used to form beds covering km of reefs.

I will compile a table and send to those who are interested.


Keryea Soong

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National Sun Yat-sen University
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