[Coral-List] Media and Oil Spill Science

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> Subject: [Coral-List] Media and Oil Spill Science
> Realizing that there is a spirited consensus (based on remarks
> posted in previous discussions) that we keep this list from becoming 
> politically charged, I would like to momentarily step between adversaries
> involved in the discussion on the media and oil spill science.
> My fear is that without modification we may ultimately lose
> the opportunity to candidly discuss issues that are in vital need 
> of being aired among members of this forum. 
> Considering that there is an obvious call for scientists to communicate
> more directly with the public on so many contemporary issues, 
> although fully unauthorized, I would like to make a suggestion.
> When participants are identifying themselves (by citing credentials)
> it might help to avoid undue controversy (and the associated
> animus this sometimes creates) if they would freely reveal any
> affiliations that might reflect even the potential for a conflict of interest. 
> In this way, perhaps we can assure the continuation of these much needed
> and valued discussions and, at the same time, be able to more accurately
> assess and evaluate the opinions expressed without eliciting resentment.
> Steve Mussman
> Totally void of credentials worthy of mention.
> Just an old diver and self-avowed ocean and marine life advocate.
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