[Coral-List] La Nina and global warming (ashley grimmer)

Bruno, John F jbruno at unc.edu
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Hi Ash, here are a few refs (the first two open access) that address this.  The second ref describes an experiment that explores how warming affects food web dynamics and structure and the response of microbes, plants and animal grazers in a model plankton system.


Bruno, J. F., E. R. Selig, K. S. Casey, C. A. Page, B. L. Willis, C. D. Harvell, H. Sweatman, and A. M. Melendy. 2007. Thermal stress and coral cover as drivers of coral disease outbreaks. PLoS Biology 5:e124.

O’Connor, M. I., M. F. Piehler, D. Leech, A. Anton, and J. F. Bruno. 2009.. Warming and resource availability shift food web structure and metabolism.. PLoS Biology 7:e1000178.

Harvell, C. D., S. Altizer, I. M. Cattadori, L. Harrington, and E. Weil. 2009. Climate change and wildlife diseases: when does the host matter the most? . Ecology 90:912–920

Ward, J. R., K. Kim, and C. D. Harvell. 2007. Temperature affects coral disease resistance and pathogen growth. Marine Ecology Progress Series 329:115-121.

Harvell, C. D., C. E. Mitchell, J. R. Ward, S. Altizer, A. P. Dobson, R. S. Ostfeld, and M. D. Samuel. 2002. Climate warming and disease risks for terrestrial and marine biota. Science 296:2158-2162.

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Dear list,

Billy Causey raises a good point about increased microbial activity with
increasing temps, an idea that I personally have not come across.

If Billy, or anyone for that matter, knows of any references on the topic
would they please share!


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