[Coral-List] Sarcasm, disagreements, etc.

Jim Hendee jim.hendee at noaa.gov
Mon Dec 6 12:44:00 EST 2010

It's embarrassing for me to "approve" messages like this, as I then
appear self-congratulatory, but like I said, I try to be even-handed;
so, with that said, I don't mind letting some of you blast me for my
lack of balance or whatever (don't worry--I won't remove you from the
list).  We ARE looking at some new ways to filter traffic so that you
can just delete messages that you probably won't be interested in.

(Also, thanks to those of you who have sent me similar messages as
Billy...I wasn't fishing for them, but they're nice to receive.)

On 12/6/10 12:27 PM, Billy Causey wrote:
> Jim...
> There is only one Coral List ....and only one person who can moderate
> it in the level, even and objective manner that you do.  I recognize
> the workload it has created for you and your colleagues, but keep
> doing the fantastic job you all are doing.  You have no idea how many
> postings I have written over the past month or so ... only to delete
> them after I finished them.  The point is, you have trained even an
> old dog like myself to be polite, moderate and less sarcastic .... at
> least most of the time.  You folks keep up the great work .... I am
> proud to work for the same agency as you.  Billy
> Jim Hendee wrote:
>> I take notice and a tiny bit of umbrage at your epigrammatic quote.
>> "Censorship always defeats...etc."  Nobody said anything about
>> censorship as it relates to "sensitive" topics.  My concern is drifting
>> "off topic" and personal barbs.  Everybody knows that in nature
>> everything is connected to everything, but this is a "coral" list, not a
>> coral/politics/nasty-gram/engineering/peripheral-issues list.  I hope
>> everybody agrees that I've tried to let this be as free-wheeling as
>> possible...up to a point.  Defining that point is necessarily arbitrary
>> when one guy makes the decision, but I feel like I try to be
>> open-minded.  I also have to follow the NOAA, Dept. Commerce, and U.S.G.
>> guidelines, too.  Common courtesy should be part of these
>> discussions, too.
>> However, to be more even-handed, I have asked to have others (within
>> NOAA) occasionally moderate this list, but no takers.  I wonder why...

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