[Coral-List] Caribbean and Gulf researchers

mehunt at mail.utexas.edu mehunt at mail.utexas.edu
Mon Dec 6 17:38:59 EST 2010

Hi All,

Will anyone be snorkeling or diving within the next few months?  I?m  
looking for two small hydrozoans from the Caribbean/Gulf waters.  #1  
is Abylopsis eschscholtzi, a siphonophore and #2 is an anthoathecate  
jellyfish (species unknown, but I have pics) with green and orange/red  
fluorescence.  My need is for the animal tissue, intact as much as  
possible.  I can send tubes and RNALater for storage as well as  
shipping materials, or send replacement supplies.  I had collected  
both specimens in 2007 and no longer have any tissue left for some  
final work.  I can forward pictures of both animals (white light and  
fluorescent) to assist with identification.  Email directly at  
mehunt at mail.utexas.edu if you have the opportunity to help so I don't  
spam everyone.  Much appreciated!

Marguerite Hunt
PhD Candidate
University of Texas, Austin

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