[Coral-List] Biogeochemist Position in Hawaii

Lee Higa lee.higa at noaa.gov
Wed Dec 8 19:19:29 EST 2010


I would like to post the job posting below for a Biogeochemist position 
with the NOAA-NMFS-PIFSC Coral Reef Ecosystem Division in Honolulu, 
Hawaii. Questions can be directed to me at Lee.Higa at noaa.gov

Thank you,

JIMAR PIFSC BIOGEOCHEMIST – ID# 10723 Joint Institute for Marine and 
Atmospheric Research. Regular, Full-Time, RCUH Non-Civil Service 
position with the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology 
(SOEST), Joint Institute for Marine and AtmosphericResearch (JIMAR), 
located at the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), Pacific Islands 
Fisheries Science Center (PIFSC) in Honolulu, Hawaii. Continuation of 
employment is dependent upon program/operational needs, satisfactory 
work performance, and availability of funds. MINIMUM MONTHLY SALARY: 
$4,569/Mon. DUTIES: Leads and undertakes the biogeochemical research and 
monitoring of the ecological impacts of climate change, particularly the 
role of ocean acidification, on a range of spatial and temporal scales, 
as it pertains to coral reef ecosystems of the Pacific Islands region.. 
Initiates and develops collaborations to investigate various aspects of 
ocean acidification and related impacts of climate change. Designs, 
develops, expands, implements, and improves sampling methodologies, 
survey protocols, and field experiments to obtain biogeochemical 
datasets, including carbonate and nutrient chemistry. Processes, 
analyzes, and summarizes biogeochemical and multi-disciplinary data from 
surveys and other sources. Contributes to data management and 
development of data products on biogeochemical datasets relevant to 
monitoring and understanding the ecological impacts of ocean 
acidification, land-based sources of pollution, and other related 
phenomena. Publishes and communicates results in scientific literature 
and through presentations to a wide variety of stakeholders. Provides 
supervision, training, and guidance to scientific and technical staff in 
research area. Participates in research cruises, marine ecosystem 
surveys and observation networks to assess and monitor coral reefs, 
which involves field surveys, the deployment and recovery oceanographic 
instrument platforms, and data transmission, analysis, and creation of 
data products. Works with project staff and personnel from other 
agencies as necessary to secure continued and/or additional funding 
support, and to satisfy reporting requirements of funding agencies for 
existing support. Collaborates with researchers from other agencies, and 
coordinates with partner agencies on marine ecosystem research and 
conservation projects. Closing Date: December 27, 2010. EEO/AA Employer. 
For more details or to apply please go to www.rcuh.com - "Employment" 
and enter the ID #.

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