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Zoanthids and other cnidarians are simple organisms that depending on how much tissue is left could possibly regenerate from fragments of tissue left behind.  They survive surficial predation that way,  And zooanthids can form stolons as they spread which you may not have removed.

The most likely cause of outbreaks of zoanthids and other encrusting inverts is lake of predators:  fishes, sea urchins etc.  But they have always been very common in some habitats, and they are chemically protected so it is not unusual for them to take over large areas of reef real estate if predators don't keep them in check.

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To Jonathan E. Brown's query about removing this 'pest'.  I did rip one off from 
near/almost attacking a coral that I have series photos over several years.  It 
grew right back in a matter of weeks, even though it looked like I'd removed the 
entire creature.  Do they have roots???



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