[Coral-List] "sarcasm, endless disagreements, personal attacks..."

Ulf Erlingsson ceo at lindorm.com
Mon Dec 13 14:00:09 EST 2010


A bottom-up form of government is not called "socialism", it is  
called "democracy". The reason the US has the problems you describe  
is not because it is a democracy, but because it is a seriously  
corrupted democracy, the corruption being the lobbying you described.  
The way to return to bottom-up democracy is to amend the constitution  
to remove the institutionalized corruption.

As for environmental management, yes, it works on a local scale,  
provided that the villagers understand the system, and that may take  
a good while if their form of life and interaction with nature is  

Considering the national level, it has struck me that maybe there is  
a correlation between the presence - and quality - of academies of  
science, and the progress of countries on a number of levels. In  
fact, I've started to look for studies on this topic. Is anyone on  
this list aware of studies of this kind? It would be most useful to  
use when argumenting for establishing or strengthening such  
institution in the third world.

Ulf Erlingsson

On 2010-12-13, at 11:30, Gino Sabatini wrote:

> There is much to be said about the ‘think globally, act locally”  
> dictum… i.e.
> Bottom-up government. But this unfortunately is seen by many as  
> that great
> taboo… socialism.

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