[Coral-List] Ocean Acidification Training Workshop in Kiel- Apply by Feb 15

Joanie Kleypas kleypas at ucar.edu
Mon Feb 1 14:41:43 EST 2010

Dear Coral Listers:

Just announced today is a training workshop for ocean acidification 
research, to be held in Kiel, Germany Mar 8-12, 2010. 

This workshop is jointly sponsored by several European Groups doing 
research on ocean acidification:  EPOCA, BIOACID, CalMarO, along with 
some support from the US Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry (OCB) Program. 

There are slots for some 5-6 US students, and the OCB Project Office has 
limited funds available to help offset student travel costs.  But the 
time frame for getting in your application is short - the deadline is 
Feb 15 - only 2 weeks away.  The full announcement sent out by EPOCA is 


A training workshop on ocean acidification research will be jointly
organized by EPOCA, BIOACID, CalMarO and OCB.  The workshop, which will
be held at IFM-GEOMAR in Kiel *8-12 March 2010*, will build upon
recommendations from the Guide of Best Practices in Ocean Acidification
Research and Data Reporting. It will combine lectures and hands-on
practical training on a range of key issues in OA research, including:

- measurements and calculations of the seawater carbonate system
- approaches and tools to manipulate carbonate chemistry
- choice of CO2 levels in perturbation experiments
- designing experiments and sampling to maximize statistical power
- biogeochemical assessments
- calcification rate measurements
- metabolic rates and gas exchange in heterotrophic organisms
- molecular approaches and membrane transport studies
- data reporting, management and policies

If you are interested to attend this workshop, please send a short
application (half a page) explaining your background and why you would
like to participate to Monika Peschke (mpeschke at ifm-geomar.de) until
*February 15, 2010*. Participants are expected to cover their own travel
and accommodation expenses.
Further information and a detailed programme are available at:
http://www.epoca-project.eu/index.php/OA-workshop-2010.html and

Coordinators: Ulf Riebesell, Richard Bellerby, Jean-Pierre Gattuso

All the best, Joanie Kleypas

Joanie Kleypas
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