[Coral-List] Fireworm predators - porgies

Amber McCammon amccammo at fau.edu
Tue Feb 2 12:10:34 EST 2010

   In reply to Andrew Ross's inquiry.  I have been working with Hermodice
   carunculata in the Caribbean and have witnessed a number of individuals of
   Porgy fish (species not verified but I believe they were Calamus pennatula)
   eating fireworms from my in situ experiments.  I have had to modify my
   experimental  set  up  to  keep the porgies from using my experimental
   enclosures as feeding troughs.

   I brought a few smaller progies (ave. FL = 18cm) into the lab and these fish
   tried to eat introduced fireworms but quickly spit them out.  The fireworms
   were  fairly  large,  10-15cm  long  and  the  porgies in the lab were
   approximately 1/2 the size of those seen feeding on equally sized fireworms
   in the field.  I have plans for investigating this line of inquiry in the
   near future.

   Also, there are a couple of videos on you tube posted by home aquarium
   owners, which show a goby and a crab eating fireworms in captivity.

   4E9D4&index=2  The species of crab is not stated and whether or not the worm
   is alive while being eaten is unclear..but I think I can see bristling when
   the crab pinches.

   4E9D4&index=3This fish species is unfamiliar to me…Pacific?



   1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aObk9qHHeyk&feature=PlayList&p=A9137812A2E4E9D4&index=2
   2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AST_YVQtdzQ&feature=PlayList&p=A9137812A2E4E9D4&index=3

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