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We will miss Arnfried Antonius. In the 1970s some coral reef 
researchers, including me, chided Arnfried for predicting the demise 
of corals in the Florida Keys. His prediction was in part  based on 
his aquarium experiments in which he had been growing corals using 
the  tea colored water from the basin at Pennekamp park headquarters. 
We also accused him of being overly dramatic with his predictions of 
doom. Arnfried left the Keys and went back to Europe for several 
The next and last time I saw Arnfried was about 18 years ago. John 
Halas had taken Anfried and a number of us geologist (including some 
politicians) out on the Agazzi to the south end of Grecian Rocks. It 
was a spot where I have been taking serial photos of a particular 
group of corals since 1960 (presently a 49 year photo record) and 
where I had  documented the progress of everything Arnfried had 
predicted. The group of us  stood in a sand hole adjacent to my photo 
spot so we could  talk with our heads out of water. I remember saying 
to Arnfried and the group. " Look around Arnfried, everything you 
predicted has come true. You were right!" Arnfried thanks for being 
the leader. We will miss you.  Gene

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