[Coral-List] Coral disease or bleaching??

Esther Peters esther.peters at verizon.net
Sun Feb 14 21:59:11 EST 2010

Hi Nikki,

Look at this paper: 

Kobluk, D.R., and M.A. Lysenko. 1994. "Ring" bleaching in southern 
Caribbean Agaricia agaricites during rapid water cooling. Bulletin of 
Marine Science 54(1): 142-150.

Would be interesting to know where you are seeing this, and whether any 
upwelling or cooled water might be associated with it.

"Ring" shaped bleached areas on Acropora palmata might be caused by 
damselfish, see Fig. 39 in:

Williams, D.E., M.W. Miller, and K.L. Kramer. 2006. Demographic 
monitoring protocols for threatened Caribbean Acropora spp. corals. NOAA 
Technical Memorandum NMFSSEFSC-543. 91 pp.

Esther Peters, Ph.D.
George Mason University

Nikki Taylor wrote:
> I have recently been documenting a strange appearence on coral species in the Caribbean.  Particularly on acropora sp, but also on some others....small rings of what looks like bleaching (not dead polyps, and not patches) that are approximately 2-3cm in diameter.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to what or why this is?
> Nikki Taylor 
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