[Coral-List] Endangered species status will be considered for 82 corals

Eugene Shinn eshinn at marine.usf.edu
Thu Feb 18 14:16:25 EST 2010

Sorry John, I guess I got carried away and made the mistake of 
calling it the way it is. It would feel different had the the listing 
of Acropora had any measurable effect or if areas that never had 
Acropora were not  included in the critical habitat zones.  What if 
we had listed Diadema when it began to die caribbean-wide back in 
1983 and 84? Would there be more of them today some 37 years later? 
If you don't know what is killing something then you don't know what 
to protect it from. I guess we just feel better knowing one of our 
big agencies is on top of it. The response from the CBC sure reads 
like it came from an Attorney.  Gene

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