[Coral-List] Getting the message across

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 22 14:11:15 EST 2010

Dear Coral-Listers;
  There has been commentary recently on the need to get
the message across as it relates to the lack of effective 
communication between the scientific community and the general public. 
I would like to make listers aware of a concept designed in part
to address that issue.
 I am currently involved in a project (DiveGreen), that hopes to use
direct communication between marine scientists and the diving industry
in an attempt to raise awareness and affect change.
Some of your colleagues(Les Kaufman, Billy Causey and Sarah Frias-Torres)
have already lent their support.)
 I need additional marine scientists and resource managers from
around the world who would be willing to participate in a forum 
designed to facilitate direct communication about environmental issues
from the effects of climate change to pollution and over-fishing. 
This would be different from what you are used to here in that it 
would not be limited to scientific standards. It would be designed for
more general consumption. 
  As Jim Hendee recently suggested something similar when he posted
“. . I am most seriously suggesting that "somebody" (not me!) consider
starting a Coral Reef Curmudgeons (or Coral Reef Politics, or whatever) 
list using, say Yahoo Groups.”     
  I believe that such direct communication has been lacking and could serve
as a basis of a much-needed change in attitude within this industry and on 
to the general public. They need to hear your voices, not political spin.
 Please consider this appeal as it represents and opportunity to affect change,
make a difference and address a deficiency that has existed for far too long.

I will be happy to provide additional information to anyone that might consider
becoming involved.

Steve Mussman
Sea Lab Diving
Sealab at earthlink.net
770-979-8670 (office)
678-464-2727 (cell)

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