[Coral-List] question about the expanded listing of coral species

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 27 06:05:47 EST 2010

  For once I can find a degree of concurrence with the sentiments 
expressed in a post by a dependable antagonist.
  If you dare to ask the question, “ where do they get their funding “ 
you reveal quite a lot about motives. I just wish that same standard would
be applied to the propaganda machine aimed at discrediting the science
behind climate change. 
  But, let’s get back to those evil eco-barons that are robbing us blind. 
I’m sure if we look closely enough, we’ll find a link between CBD and AIG
or Goldman-Sachs. They surely have to be at least partially responsible for
the current economic malaise. The lawyers at CBD are all known to be fat cats,
attracted to that villainous calling by nothing more than greed. Why else 
would they avoid the glowing altruism of a decent Wall Street law firm? 
  The legal fees alluded to are all the more obscene considering that they 
almost rise to the level of compensation paid to the CEO of the country’s 
largest health insurance company. How can you compare the calling of fighting
for the protection of some obscure endangered species to the more compassionate
efforts of that industry? 
  But, after all, it is the taxpayers’ money being forked out with impunity.
Big government at it’s finest. If we could just rid ourselves of the Department 
of Education, the EPA and, while we’re at it, can I mention NOAA here?
 And then there is the CBD endangered species condom debacle. What a waste of 
time and money. Can you imagine someone thinking that over population is a 
concept worthy of concern? Yes, I want my Staghorn package.

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