[Coral-List] Faculty & Research positions at KAUST Red Sea Research Center

James Luyten james.luyten at kaust.edu.sa
Thu Jan 7 12:04:49 EST 2010

The Red Sea Research Center at the King Abdullah University of Science and
Technology (KAUST) invites applications from scientists and engineers
interested in joining in developing an integrated understanding of the Red
Sea marine ecosystem, from the molecular/-omic level to the physical &
chemical environment in which the whole ecosystem exists.  We are seeking
creative and independent individuals with specific interests in Physical,
Chemical and Biological Oceanography, Marine Biology/Marine Ecology,
Genomics, and Ecosystem Modeling.  We are particularly interested in those
who will make effective use of the unique access to the Red Sea region that
KAUST can provide.

We seek colleagues to join our Marine Science & Engineering faculty at the
Assistant, Associate, or full Professor level with expertise in areas of:

FA1) Ocean Physics and Modeling

FA2) Coupled Bio-physical Oceanography

Up to two additional faculty positions may be available.

All expressions of interest should indicate the potential to complement and
strengthen our existing expertise and utilize Red Sea Research Center and
other KAUST facilities. Several research staff positions are also available..
Potential areas of expertise we seek to fill include, but are not limited

RS1) Research scientist in the area of bioinformatics

RS2) Research technician in the area of PCR/genetics facilities management

RS3) Postdoctoral researcher in the area of fisheries research

RS4) Postdoctoral researcher in the area of acoustic and/or archival tagging
of fishes

Our graduate program in Marine Science encompasses two tracks – Marine
Biology & Conservation and Ocean Physics & Modeling. Appointments to the
Marine Science faculty will require involvement in the Marine Science
academic program while those on the Research Staff do not.

KAUST (*http://www.kaust.edu.sa* <http://www.kaust.edu.sa/>) has been
established as a world–class international graduate–level science and
technology research university dedicated to inspiring a new age of
scientific achievement in the Kingdom that will also benefit the region and
the world. The KAUST mission emphasizes research on applications of science
and technology to problems of human need, social advancement, and economic
development, in collaboration with leading universities around the world.
The overarching themes for KAUST in the coming decade are Energy, Water,
Food, Red Sea and Environment, including high performance computing as a
cross-disciplinary enabling technology.  KAUST is dedicated to a respect for
diversity and the highest standards of merit–based opportunity, and seeks
the finest students and faculty without regard to race, gender, or religious
belief.  The campus is located in Thuwal, 80 km north of Jeddah, Saudi

KAUST has established advanced research centers that focus on
interdisciplinary problems as the central organizing unit, and offering only
graduate (M.S. and Ph.D.) degrees. KAUST has three academic divisions:
Chemical and Life Sciences, Physical and Environmental Sciences and
Engineering, and Mathematical and Computer Sciences and Engineering.  KAUST
offers unparalleled analytical, research and computing facilities, with
ready access to the Red Sea environment.

Those interested in pursuing this unique opportunity should send a CV
(including publication lists and contact information for at least three
potential references) and a statement of research interests. Potential
faculty members should include a statement of teaching interests. Send these
materials and any additional inquiries to MarSE at kaust.edu.sa. Further
details can be found on the University’s website, http://www.kaust.edu.sa/
James R Luyten
Professor of Marine Science & Engineering
Director, Red Sea Research Center
Building 2, Office #UN2300 - 4274
4700 King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)
Thuwal 23955-6900
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
V(KAUST): +966.2.808.2982 M:+966 54.470.0006
V(USA): +1.508.566.1198   F: +1.866.653.0679
Skype:  jimluyten

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