[Coral-List] MOC stopped??

lisa carne lisas at btl.net
Fri Jan 8 09:21:49 EST 2010

Dear Climate change experts :)

Am I being paranoid? about the freezing of britain and scandinavia  
countries and indeed most of north america? next door to belize  
guatemala & el salvador had droughts: most of their crops lost already- 
I know the other side of the world had 90 storms last year and fiji  
says they are having droughts & record heat...

I did a very quick internet search to educate my facebook friends (who  
say things like so much for global warming) and couldn't really find a  
user friendly explanation-a lot of talk about how previous glacier  
melts (too much fresh water changing density relationships) have  
disrupted the oceans currents but who can say that will happen again?  
How much fresh water is needed?and a few assurances that we are good  
for another 100 years and yet it has slowed by 30% in the last few  
decades...and yet it seems all the worst predictions are coming true,  
faster (kinda like the melting of the glaciers in some cases has been  
faster than was predicted). and worse,every where it says we don't  
really have the science to predict and all bets are off...as to when  
it might happen..

actually the best website i found (so far) was wikipedia! It had some  
recent updates, honesty, and wasn't pages & pages of backpedalling. I  
write to you all for the latest info please and what could/will really  
happen. It's best to prepare for the worst & hope for the best! Here  
in Belize i greatly fear  a huge influx "environmental" refugees  
and..much more...

As further incentive for your expert answers/opinions: I promise to  
write an article(s) for the local & national papers (belize), and  
incorporate this topic into all my pp talks, work with tour guides.MPA  
managers, the fisheries dept, the public etc. How come I am not  
hearing about this topic right now? Please for some answers/direction  
to the answers. Esp as it relates to CO2 absorption in the oceans  
(which we are hearing is maxed out right?) and ocean acidification-as  
well as weather & climate conditions globally.

easiest website below


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