[Coral-List] Corallimorpharian growth iron

Anna-Karin Arvidsson ak_braks at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 10 14:56:23 EST 2010


I'm going to Zanzibar in the end of January to do my master thesis about Corallimorpharian phase shifts. My primary aim will be to investigate how iron, phosphorous and nitrogen, in isolation and in conjuction, influence growth rates in Rhodactis rhodostoma. A study by Work et al. (2008) reports a potential increased spread of the corallimorpharian Rhodactis howesii around a shipwreck on an isolated atoll in the central Pacific Ocean. Their hypothesis is that corallimorpharian growth is stimulated by iron leaching from the ship. Iron could be the limiting nutrient for some zooxanthellae. I need to simulate a "shipwreck" by adding iron in a realistic way. I wonder if anyone has any tips on what kind of iron (Fe) I should use?


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