[Coral-List] Seagrass-Watch Magazine Issue 39

Seagrass-Watch HQ hq at seagrasswatch.org
Tue Jan 12 06:20:36 EST 2010

The latest issue of Seagrass-Watch news (the official magazine of the global
seagrass and assessment program) is now available online at


Both low and high resolution versions of the magazine are available. Please
note that the high resolution version is 12Mb.


Seagrasses are often referred to as the coal mine canaries of coastal
ecosystems. This is because they show measurable and timely responses to
water quality and are effective barometers of marine environmental health.
Seagrass-Watch plays a key role in providing sound advice for the management
of water quality on the Great Barrier Reef, and in this issue we present the
latest findings from the Reef Rescue Marine Monitoring Program.


In this issue you can also read about the impacts of seaweed farms in
southern Indonesia, the impacts of the Samoan tsunami and threats to
seagrass in India. You'll also find articles on recent efforts in Madagascar
to map seagrass and establish monitoring, and how the important role of
seagrass is inspiring participants to monitor in Broome (Western Australia)
and restore degraded meadows in Portugal.


Also in this issue are articles on Traditional Owners and Sea Rangers
monitoring their Sea Country in Cape York and Torres Strait. You can also
read about the pilot MangroveWatch program being developed to address the
urgent need to preserve and protect threatened tidal wetland ecosystems. You
can even learn about giant clams.


Happy Reading




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Principal Scientist
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