[Coral-List] Cold water stress and corals

Dale W Griffin dgriffin at usgs.gov
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Hello Gene.....that is unfortunate, are those USGS units?......on a related
topic I think that NOAA may be monitoring temperature at several of S.
Florida's east coast inlets.....I wonder what the difference between
incoming tide versus outgoing tide water temperatures were in that
region.....and how the Acropora growing near the inlets (i.e., Port
Everglades) respond to this event versus those located at more distant

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      [Coral-List] Cold water stress and corals

      Eugene Shinn
      01/15/2010 23:32

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The reports of low coral killing water temperatures in the Florida
Keys are very interesting. Unfortunately there are more than 35 un
attended thermographs located in strategic places in the Florida reef
tract that have dead batteries. That data would have been good to
have for management purposes. Gene

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