[Coral-List] Marine Science internship in the Maldives

Hussein Zahir hzahir at mrc.gov.mv
Wed Jan 20 02:45:07 EST 2010

Dear Coral List members,


Marine Research Centre as a partner operating agency under the World Bank
supported Maldives Environmental Management Project (MEMP), aiming to
strengthen Maldives' existing national coral reef monitoring program is
seeking an intern with background in tropical marine science to roll out a
community monitoring program designed to collect climate change related

 As part of MEMP consultancy output Coral reef ecosystem health monitoring
concept as an  integrated program, with indicators to monitor the links
between society, economy, coral reef based ecosystem goods and services and
climate change. The indicators also aim to reflect the principles of the
ecosystem approach agreed under CBD COP 5 Decision V/6 of 2000. These
principles can be found at https://www.cbd.int/ecosystem/principles.shtml
and include principle 2 that "Management should be decentralized to the
lowest appropriate level".  Monitoring is, therefore, proposed at a range of
technical levels. For example basic data on whether coral is alive or dead
can be collected by school children, people who depend directly on coral
resources, trained volunteers and scientists.

The report can be obtained from the Marine Research Centre website at

Interested individuals, for further information please contact: Dr M. Shiham
Adam, Director General, Marine Research Centre, msadam at mrc.gov.mv or Mr
Hussein Zahir, Senior Reef Ecologist, Marine Research Centre,
hzahir at mrc.gov.mv.


Hussein Zahir

Senior Reef Ecologist

Marine Research Centre

H. White Waves; Moonlight Higun; Male, 20-06

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