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Dear Karim, the real question is: it is possible to set out a rational, 
serlective exploitation of the Mediterranean red coral, based on sound 
demographic data? Our answer, based on our researches is:  yes, it is 
possible. Morover, according with the FAO official panel on precious 
corals held recently (November 2009) in Rome there are not any data  (a 
90% reduction of the resource) which can justify the inclusion. Annex 
II, in my and our opinion is only a way to cross over the real managing 
problems which are: to control that fishing will be really selective 
towards older/larger colonies, to protect several populations in MPAs 
and in "shalow-waters" (the populations living between 20 and 60 meters 
have a limited economic value and must be protected), and, first of all, 
that a real enforcement towards poacing will be be applied. 
Sincerely, yours
Giovanni Santangelo

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> Dear all
> One question: Should mediterranean red coral (Corallium rubrum) be listed in annex 2 of 
> the CITES or not? Yur answer will be very helpfull, Im in favor of its listing and seek some 
> strong arguments from the con group.
> Thank you
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> kbmtok at yahoo.com.au
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