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ANNOUNCEMENT:  Marine Environments of Palau- new book

The Coral Reef Research Foundation (CRRF) is 
pleased to announce the publication of "Marine 
Environments of Palau" by Patrick L. Colin. This 
414 page full color book has over 1200 color 
photos, detailing Palau's marine environments 
from beneath the water, from the air and from 
space.  The distillation of 15 years of research 
by CRRF scientists, as well as a review of what 
is known from the literature about Palau, this 
volume provides an unparalleled perspective on 
the western Pacific marine environments of 
Palau.  New information is provided on the 
oceanography, physical environment, community 
structure and biodiversity of this island group's 
impressive scope of marine habitats.  See further details on the book below.

This book is available from Mutual Publishing for 
$45.95 plus shipping and handling:


and is also listed on Amazon.com.

CRRF is not selling books outside of Palau so 
please contact Mutual Publishing or Amazon.com 
directly. All profits from commercial sales go to 
support additional publications in preparation by 
CRRF and its associate scientists.

  Table of Contents - Marine Environments of Palau

Chapter 1 - Introductory Materials
Chapter 2 - Barrier Reefs and Outer Fringing Reefs
Chapter 3 - Reef Passages and Channels on the Outer Reefs
Chapter 4 - Atolls, Banks and Oceanic Islands of Palau
Chapter 5 - Offshore Environments
Chapter 6 - Shallow Lagoon Fringing Flats and Nearshore Patch Reefs
Chapter 7 - Lagoon Patch Reefs
Chapter 8 - Seagrass Areas
Chapter 9 ­ The Rock Islands
Chapter 10 - Marine Lakes
Chapter 11 ­ Lagoon Sediment Bottoms
Chapter 12 - Deep Lagoon Bottoms
Chapter 13 - The Lagoon Pelagic Environment
Chapter 14 - Basalt Islands: Shores, Mangroves and Estuaries
Chapter 15 - Disturbed and Human Mediated Environments of Palau
Chapter 16 - Dangers to the Marine Environments of Palau
Chapter 17 - Marine Protected Areas and Conservation
Chapter 18 ­ Taxonomic and Biogeographic Considerations for Conservation
Chapter 19 - Status and Change in Marine Environments

After an introductory chapter which covers the 
geography, meteorology and oceanography of Palau 
and its region, 13 chapters cover the marine 
habitats from the outer reefs moving 
inward.  Examination of the effects of human 
presence and disturbance are covered in two 
chapters, while the knowledge about the species 
diversity of Palau is updated in one 
chapter.  Marine protected areas, conservation 
and the status and change in marine environments 
are considered in the final two chapters.   The 
book brims with never before published 
information and a perspective on diversity and 
change that is unequalled. Coral reef scientists 
will welcome new information on the 1998 coral 
beaching event and recovery, subsequent minor 
bleaching events, the relationship of communities 
to physical conditions, a detailed look at the 
thermal regimes and water column dynamics in 
Palau's reef waters and a host of other unusual events and habitats.

Marine Environments of Palau
Patrick L. Colin
ISBN-10: 0-615-27484-6
ISBN-13: 978-0-615-27484-3
First printing, November 2009
Publisher: Indo-Pacific Press, San Diego
Production and Sales by: Mutual Publishing, Honolulu

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