[Coral-List] Job Opportunity - Benthic Quantitative Ecologist

Lee Higa lee.higa at noaa.gov
Wed Jan 27 21:58:00 EST 2010


I would like to post the job posting below for a Benthic Quantitative 
Ecologist with the NOAA-NMFS-PIFSC Coral Reef Ecosystem Division in 
Honolulu, Hawaii. Questions can be directed to me at Lee.Higa at noaa.gov.

Thank you,

Institute for Marine & Atmospheric Research. Regular, Full-Time, RCUH 
Non-Civil Service position with the School of Ocean & Earth Science & 
Technology, Joint Institute for Marine & Atmospheric Research, located 
at the National Marine Fisheries Service, Pacific Islands Fisheries 
Science Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. Continuation of employment is 
dependent upon program/operational needs, satisfactory work performance, 
& availability of funds. MINIMUM MONTHLY SALARY: $4,935/Mon. DUTIES: 
*DUTIES: *Works with the Coral Reef Ecosystem Division’s (CRED) 
multidisciplinary program to enhance the statistical and analytical 
capacity of the CRED to publish and present past and future results from 
ecological marine studies across the Pacific Islands region. Leads 
efforts to evaluate, coordinate, and improve project’s integrated 
assessment and long-term monitoring program such that statistically 
sound findings and strategic advice can be provided to marine resource 
managers. Designs, expands, implements, and improves sampling 
methodologies, survey protocols, and field experiments which facilitate 
statistically valid analyses of field observations and timely production 
of presentations, reports, and publications. Serves as the Lead for the 
Benthic Team providing guidance and supervision to the overall team and 
develops, establishes, and monitors work plans and team objectives and 
assists the CRED Chief with strategic scientific advice and identifying 
research priorities and direction. Evaluates, compiles, processes, 
integrates, summarizes, and analyzes interdisciplinary data from marine 
ecosystem research surveys into management-relevant products. Designs, 
develops, tests, implements and documents state-of-the-art statistical 
methods that are appropriate for interdisciplinary and multi-scale data 
analyses and integration. Conducts analyses involving multivariate 
statistics, spatial statistics, ecological modeling and simulation, 
spectral analysis, and other quantitative techniques relating to 
statistical power and change detection. Integrates research findings and 
summaries into project’s interdisciplinary context, and prepares and 
submits manuscripts for publication in technical reports and refereed 
scientific literature, as well as makes presentations to 
professional/scientific bodies and educational venues, both nationally 
and internationally. Prepares and delivers presentations as part of 
education and outreach efforts. Participates in research cruises. FOR 
REQUIREMENTS, TO APPLY, or more details please go to www.rcuh.com 
<http://www.rcuh.com> - click on “Employment” then “Job 
Announcements/Apply for a Job” & enter the ID #. CLOSING DATE: February 
16, 2010. EEO/AA Employer

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