[Coral-List] new 454 transcriptomes: Acropora hyacinthus , Porites astreoides

mikhail matz matz at mail.utexas.edu
Fri Jul 2 20:51:00 EDT 2010

Dear colleagues,

In accord with our policy of rapid share of the next-gen sequencing  
data, we are happy to announce the release of 454-sequenced  
transcriptomes for two corals, Acropora hyacinthus (larvae) and  
Porites astreoides (adult), sequenced with 454-titanium and assembled  
with the latest version of Newbler (Roche).

We also created a new assembly for Acropora millepora (larvae).  
Although it is based on the same reads as previous versions, the new  
assembler seem to have performed a lot better.

We are currently using these datasets to scan for signatures of  
positive natural selection on coral genes. If you have the same  
interest, we would appreciate if you let us know before using our  
data. Otherwise, the data are free for everyone to use.

Download the assembled and annotated contigs here:

If you need raw reads with quality scores for your own assembly, just  
let us know. If this is this case, we hope that you will follow our  
philosophy and release your assembly at once - we and other coral  
molecular biologists could always use more sequence coverage!

best wishes,

Mikhail "Misha" Matz
Eli Meyer

University of Texas at Austin
Integrative Biology Section

web http://www.bio.utexas.edu/research/matz_lab

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