[Coral-List] Looking for Indo-Pacific ID guides to marine sponges

Sean Porter caranx at polka.co.za
Thu Jul 15 04:44:03 EDT 2010

Dear Dr. Arvedlund,

ID information on Indian Ocean sponges is particularly scant. There is 
however the recently updated field guide Two Oceans, A guide to the marine 
life of southern Africa by Prof. George Branch et al. Struik Nature, 2010.. 
They deal with at least 37 taxa of sponges, with most identified to species 

If you decide to get a copy and run into problems I can put you in direct 
contact with the lead author, just send me a request off-list please.

good luck Sean

Dr. Sean Porter
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> Dear Coral List members
> I am currently preparing a seminar for students on tropical marine
> sponges (mainly Indo-Pacific). However, I find it rather difficult to
> find any relevant ID guides. Would any of you know of any such ID
> guides, Internet based as well as other types of media?
> Sincerely, Mike Arvedlund
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