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 Dear All,

Our worst fears have materialized yesterday when we received a reliable
report of a lionfish sighting in St. Maarten waters. The sighting was
reported by Sally Davies of Octopus Diving on the ‘Bridge’ dive site
approximately 50 feet deep. Photographs were taken and a positive ID was
confirmed, with Christophe Joe of the Reserve Naturelle St. Martin also
confirming the sighting. The specimen seems to be a juvenile approximately
two to four inches in length.

Nature Foundation staff will dive the site tomorrow (Saturday) to attempt to
capture the specimen in order to take genetic samples and to conduct stomach
content analysis. The Nature Foundation St. Maarten Lionfish Response Plan
(version 1) which clearly outlines management actions to be taken by the
Nature Foundation regarding the lionfish infestation will now be initiated.

I have received unconfirmed reports of the species being in Saba as well.

I would like to appeal to all dive centres and fishermen that if a lionfish
is seen the location should be noted, the depth, activity of the specimen,
water temperature etc. as outlined in the Lionfish Response Plan. The Nature
Foundation will attempt to collect every specimen reported. Please use
caution when handling these animals as they can inflict a dangerous sting.

If there is a need for any additional information do not hesitate to contact
me on my cell phone +5995270490 or on the contact information listed in the
signature. Press communication is forthcoming; we are waiting until we have
collected the specimen.

Best regards,

Tadzio Bervoets


Nature Foundation St Maarten

P.O. Box 863
St. Maarten
Netherlands Antilles
Tel:  (599) 544-4267
Fax: (599) 544-4268
manager at naturefoundationsxm.org

Tadzio Bervoets
St. Maarten Nature Foundation
Cole Bay
St. Maarten
Netherlands Antilles

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