[Coral-List] GBIF Young Researchers Award 2010

Artur Gil arturfreiregil at yahoo.com.br
Tue Jul 20 06:55:54 EDT 2010


Copenhagen, Denmark, 1 July 2010: The Global Biodiversity Information Facility 
(GBIF), an intergovernmental initiative established to enable free and open 
access to biodiversity information via the internet to underpin sustainable 
development, today announced a call for proposals for the first GBIF Young 
Researchers Award 2010 (YRA). Two awards of Euro 4,000 each will be made 
available in 2010.
The main objective of the award is to foster innovative research and discovery 
in biodiversity informatics by graduate students in masters and doctorate 
programs at universities in countries participating in the GBIF network.  It is 
expected that the awards will stimulate graduate students to develop new 
research in biodiversity informatics and also serve as an outreach mechanism to 

“Students are the future of the biodiversity research community,” commented Dr. 
Leonard Krishtalka, Chairperson of the GBIF Science Committee at the release of 
the call.  “To have more researchers in biosystematics and biodiversity 
informatics, we need greater involvement with students and academia and these 
awards will serve as an incentive towards that goal.”  

The call for proposals provides prospective applicants with more information 
regarding the requirements for submission as well as details of the selection 

Masters and doctorate students who are interested in submitting an application 
can obtain details regarding the submission of proposals and other information 
from the national GBIF Head of Delegation or the National GBIF Node Manager for 
the country where their studies are registered.  Please note that submissions 
must be submitted through these focal points and not through the GBIF 
Secretariat.  Contact details of the Heads of Delegations and Node Managers are 
provided in the call, but may also be accessed through the GBIF website by 
following the link 
 and http://www.gbif.org/communications/directory-of-contacts/nodes-committee/. 

The winners of the 2010 YRA will be announced at the GBIF Governing Board 
meeting due to take place in the Republic of Korea during October this year. 

GBIF currently comprises 54 countries and 44 international organisations and the 
network collectively mobilises a growing amount of biodiversity data records, 
already counting more than 200 million from around the world.  Participation in 
GBIF by countries from all over the world is imperative for the network to be 
optimally beneficial.  The more data that countries are able to mobilise and 
use, the greater the potential for strengthened decision-making and policies - 
instrumental in finding solutions to pressing environmental and cross-boundary 
issues such as biodiversity loss and climate change.  

The 2010 Young Researchers Award is now open!  
Deadline for applications 15 September 2010


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