[Coral-List] Photos Needed for Exhibit

Megan Moews Megan.Moews at noaa.gov
Tue Jul 27 21:00:55 EDT 2010

Hello Coral-listers,

I am putting together a traveling outreach photo exhibit displaying some 
of the more impressive photographs of understudied 
species—invertebrates, algae and microbes. I would like for this exhibit 
to show photos from an array of coral reef scientists (to celebrate your 
efforts). I may not be able to use everyone's photos for this, but I 
could still put them on the Census of Marine Life, Census of Coral Reef 
Ecosystems (CReefs) website (www.creefs.org <http://www.creefs.org>) 
which is being revamped and use them toward other outreach purposes as 
well. Furthermore, we may be able to have an exhibit at the upcoming 
Census of Marine Life Decade of Discovery events in London 
(www.coml.org)--if so, I would bring this exhibit and also make outreach 
postcards of some of your work. So, if you have some spectacular images 
that you think fit this need, please send me the following:

1) 1-3 spectacular high resolution photographs that you have taken (in 
particular, ones that would really catch the public's eye and if 
possible, have an interesting story behind them (ie description)). I 
will need to be able to blow them up to 24 x 36 and 36 x 48 inches (in 
that range anyway)--so they need to already be fairly large, best 
quality possible, at least 300 dpi, crisp (esp blown up), and really 
cool to look at.

2) 1-3 sentences about the organism(s)--as interesting for the public as 

3) Photo info including credit, affiliation, your focus of study and 
location, year taken, location found (and anything else you would like 
on there)

4) 3-5 sentences about yourself (perhaps about how you came into your 
field, why you are interested in what you study, etc)

5) Please make a statement in your e-mail allowing NOAA PIFSC and CReefs 
to use these photographs for outreach and education purposes (only).

*Due date: August 4^th , 2010 for Photo Exhibit and website; *September 
10^th , 2010 for website only


Megan Moews, CReefs Coordinator
CoML Census of Coral Reef Ecosystems
NOAA Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center
1601 Kapiolani Blvd., Ste 1110
Honolulu, HI 96814
Phone: 808-944-2120
Megan.Moews at noaa.gov

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