[Coral-List] Decision support for coastal & marine management /Call for Abstracts-FALL AGU Mtg, San Francisco

Frank Muller-Karger carib at marine.usf.edu
Thu Jul 29 14:35:20 EDT 2010

   Dear colleagues:
   We seek speakers for the following session at this year's Fall AGU meeting,
   to be held 13-18 December 2010 in San Francisco, California.
   Session OS33: Decision Support Systems for Coastal and Marine Resource
   Coastal and marine resource management approaches have recognized the need
   for  Decision  Support Systems (DSS) based on scientific knowledge and
   observations.  These  DSS  use  environmental  observations  including
   climatologies,   ongoing  field  and  satellite-based  remote  sensing
   measurements, forecasting models, and social and economic information to
   assess impacts on resources and people. This session highlights DSS to
   enable coastal and marine ecosystem-based management strategies, including
   assessments of land-ocean interactions and design of observing systems to
   support these new management paradigms.
   More information about the Fall AGU 2010 meeting is available at
   The deadline for abstracts is 2 September 2010.  
   This promises to be an exciting meeting - we welcome your participation!
   Best regards from your session conveners:
   Frank E Muller-Karger
   C. Mark Eakin
   Mitchell A Roffer
   Liane S Guild

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