[Coral-List] Coral reefs suffer by local and regional pollution

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Dear Colleagues,

At the end of June after an international meeting on Reef Resilience organized by TNC in the Florida Keys, the Foundation ICRI Colombia in Pro of Coral reefs, stated the relevance of enhancing the participation of coral reef users to provide reports of their observations to environmental NGOs and the Governments. The implementation of a project to create a Colombian Network of Scuba Dive Operators was presented http://icri-colombia.blogspot.com/2010_06_01_archive.html
During July, after meetings in Ft Lauderdale http://www.reefcheck.org/newsletter/072010/#9 and West Palm Beach with local NGOs and research institutions, the Foundation ICRI Colombia received reports from US volunteers interested in coral reef protection e.g. the following underwater video that may be related to the current alert of sewage water emissions from Dade County or other sources of pollution:
The information is presented as early warning alert to the local experts and government representatives.
There were also reports of tar balls observations and samples along all the east coast of USA
According to NOAA, "Tar balls are very persistent in the marine environment and can travel hundreds of miles". In a visit of our Foundation representatives to several east coast beaches from Florida to New York tar balls where found and they were taken to the Columbia University for study, concluding after a consultation to a Geophysicist that it was possible due to currents dynamics that tar balls in Florida may be produced by abandoned oil wells along the Eastern Coast of USA and the Gulf of Mexico (According to Associated Press 27000 abandoned wells). However, confirmation should be made by a Geochemist to define the processes and composition. 
Please find a video about the risk of pollution by sewage water http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocjiEG2eK3w it is relevant that volunteer observers keep sending their reports to monitor what is happening and to implement urgent measures of effective management and massive environemntal campaigns.

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