[Coral-List] Oil leak: whats is the worst case scenario?

Trish Hunt divergurl1999 at yahoo.com
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My question is due to the complicated current patterns between Florida Bay and Cuba.  Will the Keys get hit with this stuff, or will it go between the Keys reef systems and Cuba?  I was planning a trip in July to the Keys with family that has never seen reef.  They are excited about learning everything I can teach them because of my BS in Marine Science but I am no expert on the currents in that area and how oil would travel around Florida to the east coast.  Once it is in the Gulf Stream on the east coast, I know these waters.  I am just not that familiar with the currents along the west coast of Florida and around the peninsula tip.  Any thoughts?

Trish Hunt

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Dear everybody

Based on the ever leaking oil oil pipe, I was just wondering: whats is
actually the worst case scenario?

Sincerely, Mike Arvedlund


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