[Coral-List] Centennial Anniversary of Jacques Yves Cousteau

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Your comments about the life and the influence The Captain has had on the ocean community are excellent.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts with the coral reef community.  Happy Birthday Captain!    Billy

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Dear Listers,
Today marks the 100^th anniversary of the birth of Jacques Yves
Cousteau. Above all, he taught us that the oceans are alive and he
connected us with our ancestral evolutionary relationship with the sea.
He was a friend, mentor, and hero to many of us who knew him, donned his
marvelous invention to explore the silent world, or became transfixed
watching the Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau.

He founded the Cousteau Society because he knew change had to occur
through politics. JYC saw the looming environmental crisis driven by
overpopulation and would say that the most important thing is for
civilization to get through the next 50 years with all of its knowledge
intact. He responded by petitioning for the Rights of Future Generations
and focusing much of his energies in later life on children.

And now, with the Biosphere in a deepening crisis we need his spirit
more that ever. So let’s honor his legacy by redoubling our efforts to
work towards a sustainable future to save our water planet. We know
what’s wrong, we know how to fix it, but we still lack the political
will to get the job done.

C’est la vie Scientifique

Phil Dustan

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